Rhyme - The Future

I'm on the floor, and sitting to my right,
on her knees she is, my beautiful wife,
she has my hand in hers, her eyes are numb,
it's okay sweetheart, the time has finally come.
I'm sorry that I have to leave so soon,
so many things I have to say to you,
for all those times that I made you cry,
those painful tears, from your lovely eyes.

I wish I could have been better,
and given you what you deserved.
I wish I could stay a little bit longer,
to show you all my love, my love.

As I turn to my left, I felt a stare,
It is my best friend, sitting there.
Tears started rolling down her face,
as she saw me, in that state.

To take her hand, as I reached,
“how can you go like this?”, said she.
“it's my bad luck”, was my response,
to catch my breathe, I took a little pause.

There were so many things we had to do,
the extra long bucket-list, of me and you.
“Check all the pointers, I hope you will”,
“I promise”, she said, as I lay still.

I was surrounded by the wrong people,
but you came in right.
Against all the darkness that filled me,
you were the source of light.
With you my life has been,
and all ups and downs we've seen,
all our togetherness,
my dying soul will always envy.

I looked at my girl, she was still crying.
And even I had tears, just like her eyes.
She started to leave, my best friend.
Maybe she realised, this was the end.

“I truly love and I love you muffin”,
were the last words I said, coughing,
the day I was born, is the day I'll die,
the thought was my last, as I closed my eyes.

Thank you for this long read. You can find some other works here. A simple write-up, 'The Future' expresses a man's feelings in his final moments.


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