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Rhyme - The Future

I'm on the floor, and sitting to my right, on her knees she is, my beautiful wife, she has my hand in hers, her eyes are numb, it's okay sweetheart, the time has finally come.

A Little Love

“The number you are trying to call is busy.” This was the sixteenth time in the last five minutes that I heard that message. 'Why won't she answer my call?', I wondered. Before I could try calling her again, I got a beep on my phone. 'How could you do this to me? How could you cheat on me.', was the text she had sent. Now this was odd. I mean yes, I did lie to her, but in no way would it be called cheating. At least not in the way she meant. “Listen there's something I want to tell you”, I had said when we talked a little while ago. “Yeah?” “It is about something I told you before.” “Go on.” “Mm...first of all, I love you. And what I told you before, about my ex-girlfriend, it wasn't true. None of it was true. I never you.”, I said and was nervously waiting for her response. “Say something”, I continued. And in reply, she hung up the phone. This was the first time something like this had happened. This was a big secret r

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