This is what happens when you are forced to do something excessively boring (exams). I tried writing kind of a song, and well, here's the result. The song's titled 'I still'. And this is better than studying in every way.

Do you remember the time, 
when we first hugged, 
'Twas the perfect touch, 
and love music unplugged.

Do you remember the time, 
you and I, on a walk, 
hand in hand, and the three special words, 
I said, in our talk.

Do you remember the time, 
we had that special feeling, 
your hand in mine, the words 
in my voice, and me, kneeling 

the textbook proposal, 
and still it was unique, 
the joy in my heart, 
was at its peak, 
'cause as much as I wanted, 
it still took me out of the blue,
when you answered me, 
'I love you too'.

Do you remember the time, 
that one late night phone call, 
and when you and I were slow dancing 
to the music, in that tiny hall.

Do you remember the time, 
when we first kissed, 
always on my mind, 
those moments, I still miss, 

Is it already too late? 
To get back to you, babe. 
Is it better to say goodbye, 
than to give it, maybe one more try, 
weren't you and I the best for each other, 
the perfect love and the perfect lovers, 
I believe in you and I believe that you do too, 
and sweetheart, I still love you...
After some short romantic poems, here's my take at some more words.


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