Rhyme Time

11:30 pm on that dark, scary night 
it was a little blue, the moonlit sky, 
something gave me chills and fright, 
it was a face, a face that made my cry.

No, this is not an experience of the paranormal, 
in fact, every six months it is very common. 
Please keep the ghosts out of this, my friend,
I'm talking about the exams at the semester's end.

The face that I talk about, was of my own, 
1/3 pi r square h is the volume of a cone. 
I was looking at the mirror, with a book in my hand, 
the exams haven't begun yet, but I'm waiting for their end.

Six months, six subjects and six tests, 
how are they supposed to make me the best? 
Possibly the reason why there are four years of engineering, 
and I'm already sick and tired of studying.


Sharing a short poem while preparing for my exams. Thank you for the read and please follow, comment and share. Click here for more rhymes and short stories.


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