The Story Of A Girl - Explanation

So, I've had some readers asking me about the end of the short story, 'The Story Of A Girl'. I guess the end is a bit confusing, so I've decided to write the explanation of the story.

The story is a narration from the point of view of a growing baby girl (embryo). The baby girl is typically attached to her mother, like every newborn is. During the course of the story, the girl shares her plans for her life in the real world. Despite being a fantasy writing, the girl does not understand more advanced words like 'abortion' or 'stillbirth' and has no knowledge of colours.

The baby's (still unborn) father requests for her abortion, which is supported by his mother, while his wife is against it, but could not change his decision.

This abortion was, however, not possible, due to medical complications, which was a sigh of relief to the baby and her mother.

After the baby was finally delivered, she was taken away quickly, on the order of her father, while the mother was told that the baby was a stillbirth.

While the baby waited to meet her mother, she was actually being taken away and dumped in a river in a basket, where she ultimately drowned.

Following this was the baby's salvation, where she was taken to heaven by an angel and told the truth about her short life. The baby's soul continued her life in heaven in presence of her rescuing angel and the almighty.


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