A Not So Good Date

I'm doing a favour when I say 'not so good', 'cause this was probably the worst date ever. But it wasn't supposed to be like that. It was after quite a while that I was meeting her, and I expected the magic to work something special today.

But things never go as you expect, do they? A negative sensation was getting on my nerves, and it later got the better of me when I finally met her. She was late, like usual. But while this was not a problem on other occasions, I couldn't handle it today. 

And to top all of it, the lady took my behaviour as ignoring her, and never really tried to ask my problem. Okay, I agree I asked her not to do so, but still she can at least understand that I was in a bad mood. I've always been the quiet guy, remember girl? I mean, you used to recognise me as the silent guy in the corner of the class, didn't you?

P.S.:Excerpt from a coming soon story.


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