Rhyme Part 2

A short rhyme for all the jealousy inside you....   

One Romantic Night

I am jealous of the wind that goes through your hair, 
I am jealous of the raindrops on your eyes, 
I am jealous of the gloss on your lips, 
jealous of the teardrops down your cheeks. 

I am jealous of the clothes that hug your body tight, 
I am jealous that you cling to the pillow when you're scared at night, 
I am jealous of the drink that makes your throat gulp, 
Jealous of the whispers that give you goosebumps.

For those lifeless things can make you feel, 
what i want you to do, when I come close to you, 
Hold you in my arms, that is the deal, 
Kiss you my baby, loving you all night.


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