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Poetry In Motion

All it takes, is a sense of being with you, Nothing to say, just watching the day, Pass along, sitting next to you, Thanking destiny, for leading me to you, Together, for eternity, two souls and a heart, full of love,  love the beat of my heart, whisper your name, your name to my mind, I wish I could save, that moment in time, when you hear it, and smile with your eyes, It's heaven on earth, and you, are my paradise....... A poem for your loved ones . Incomplete, it may be, but it is for you to complete it, with your feelings for your special someone. After all, no two people have the same feelings and expressions. Make your story unique. To that special feeling called love...... In the darkest places,  I need you by my side, And the happiest moments, I wish to share with you, my life.....

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