The First Post

Well, here I am. As a blogger, this is my first experience and now its time for my first post. I don't know what kind of a response I''ll be getting, but it is worth a try.

Hello Everyone,
Life is a word that sums it all up for our experiences, feelings, moments, our family, our friends and our partners. It is defined as a gift we get from God, but its what we make from our actions.

Well, this will soon turn out to be boring. It is time to select the first part of the story. I am a new member here and will make this post about the first thing we all come to know about, which is our parents.
"Parents are the unsung heroes of every person that has ever done anything great. Think about the people that you most admire in your life. Do you attribute any of their greatness to the people that raised them? Often, we do not even think about the fact that there were most likely two people who were most influential in making a person who they are. Of course I am referring to his or her parents. If a person is great, remember that greatness is not achieved in a vacuum. There were people who sowed the seeds of greatness"
These are not my original lines, but I can say they are enough to say it all. Our parents are our first love and inspiration. The mommy being the 'God' and daddy the 'Hero'. It is very comforting to know that you have someone always there for you to hold on to. Almost all of us have arguments with them, but it is valid since no two people are exactly alike (physically and mentally). However, it is the trust and understanding in a relationship that actually holds it together. If you can make up with your spouse/friends then you sure can with your parents.

Well I agree that this may have been boring for some (or lot :D), but it sure is readable, specially for those who have a not so good relation with their mom and dad.

We enter the world alone and we leave the world alone, all of us know this. So i believe it is better to give others a happy memory instead of a bad one. Just in case, you may need someone while you are here. And what can be better if you start with your own family...........

Thank You


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