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All The Comments and Discussions Have Gone Missing!

As someone who has used Google+ as a primary channel of social media distributions for the posts made on this blog, it was a hard decision to unlink the social platform from all of this content. But the recent news of Google+ being shut down didn't leave much of a choice.

Sadly, these transitions are not as easy as they seem. The combined influence of removing Google+ and linking a new domain ( means that none of the existing comments on individual posts will show up, leaving behind pages with zero interaction between the writer and the readers.

We lost in excess of 500 comments and many wise words in between. It's upsetting because comments add great value to any piece of content and those discussions help build a sense of community and togetherness between the individual readers.

In hindsight, better decisions could have been made with regards to the comment system. However, it's apparent that a fresh start is the best way to go and be more welcoming t…

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"In a world where people are always running out of time, it's a best to acknowledge someone willing to give you five minutes of their honest, undivided attention."

Conversations 15 - The Game Of Silence

At that moment, it felt like she wanted to get rid of me.

"I want us to NOT talk for one week." Those were her words. Almost on cue, I fell silent. A million thoughts were racing through my mind, searching for a mistake I may have made with my words in the past few days. And then, to make things worse, she followed those words with an 'I gotta go', further pushing me through a cycle of self-doubt and fear.