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Another Song/Rhyme - Lyrics Of 'Muse'

An out and out love song, 'Muse' describes the experience of finding that person who keeps inspiring you to be the best version of yourself.

Listen, baby, I can't help but notice
that look of confusion that you're trying to hide.
Here's hoping that what I am gonna say
will make everything clear and fine.

Afraid 30

"When I was young, it was the dark rooms in my home and the ghost stories in my head that would scare me. Today, however, I only fear the people who are not intimidated by the demonic ideas that haunt their minds."

Conversations 23 - What I Don't Understand

It is often said that you should let go of the people you love. The seemingly vague interpretation of 'let go' translates to setting them free from the relationship that weighs them down.

But what about the feelings of the other partner? Are they not worthy of the time and attention that they deserve?

You and I have always had contrasting approaches to make our relationship work. While I continue to try to give you all the freedom that you seek, you've been the one to tie me by your side with consistent efforts of making things work.

And yet, we continue to complain about the actions of one another, citing the lack of responsibilities as a potential deal breaker in the future. Our conflicting opinions don't take much to become arguments that would lead to fights, then silence, followed by introspection, understanding and a gain in respect for each other.

In fact, our differences have been so vast yet so effective that I often wonder if people should focus on finding partn…