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"Even though a good mood will keep you happy, it continues to drift from you just by a little bit everyday, similar to how bad memories get left behind as mere moments from a distant past."

Would You Side With Light Yagami's Character From Death Note?

Before we get started, I'd like to confirm that the write-up contains major spoilers for Death Note, so I would suggest interested readers watch, or at least be aware of the primary plot of the show.

Death Note was one of the most popular and critically acclaimed anime from the last decade, and for good reasons.

As a series and despite the obviousness, Death Note, throughout its runtime, continued to ask viewers about the true identity of the villain, which is one of the major reasons why it is such a viable candidate to introduce anime to new audiences. If the concept of killing a person by writing their name in a magical notebook isn't interesting enough, the battle of wits between the two leads is guaranteed to keep your attention through the series.

Light Yagami (aka Kira), a genius high school student in Japan finds this notebook and upon realising its potential, sets himself on a path to cleanse the world of crimes and criminals through a reign of fear. The other main ch…

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"When 24 hours a day is not enough for anyone to get things done, it gets easy to start living one's life through the lens of others. That's where social media comes in."